Monday, March 23, 2009

The Whipping Boy

You seem to take it all out on me
I forgot how tight this choke chain seemed to be
The tugging
The pulling
Tough on my neck
Is it my fault your such a wreck?
No, you get pissy
It seems like everyday
And now somehow I hate you in every single way


  1. haha..
    you like that poicture of you?
    hehe..i snuck it at like the end of 7th grade!
    im sneeky that way lol!
    you..having problems with girls..come on..your way too sweet/funny/very handsome!
    i miss you matty..and make sure to keep an eye on vanessa and cassandra for me..kk!
    i love your work!


  2. jeeezz matty boy!!!
    is this about the last girl u went out with... =p not to say names but... jenny!! hahah
    your a very inspirational little boy=p

  3. HAHAHAHA..tell then i said NOT funny.
    and thank you for likeing that picture lol!
    im getting a new camera so ican take..WAY,WAY more better pictures lol.
    i miss you allllllooot!
    i will try to come bck to citrus when i am on spring break next week..kk

  4. Who the hell is that poem for!!! ILI!! hehehe=p i juss kidd.. no im not.. yahh i am.. lol IDC!!! you keep you inspring voice to yourself =p ILY!!! oh yahhh.. jesse did write that poem =p!!!