Friday, July 3, 2009

Words leading to an unsteady action

Silently they speak
Their words only make us weak
We hide these words of meaningless hate
Till it brings upon an unbearable weight
It's sad how we all seem to think,
This search engine of life will bring no steady link
So put it down
Quit it all
Because if you keep talking
I will let you fall

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Piece of Advice

If you have a problem with someone, make sure its because of a personal expeirance not because of something you have heard because you may not know the whole story.

Happy to know you

We meet
I'll stare
Neither knows if this relationship will fare
But the answer is simply not fair
One past mistake ruins all
So from this high I feel myself fall
Then we'll talk once more
You say I know just how to make you smile
And it makes me happy
Though once this mood left me sappy
I know now whether the answer will be yes or no
And you may not show your likeness
I'm simply happy to know

Friday, May 1, 2009


Lets stop, drop, remember better times
Put down these pens creating evil rhymes
Talk about these feelings share them with all
Because if we don't it just makes us small
Please know what you do
Realize the consequence that will ensue
Don't ask me to choose, cause you know I just can't
Slowly our happiness resides at a slant
Before we accuse the unknowing of harsh acts
Know this before you all turn your backs
Your behavior has affected the problem by only keeping it in
For all, I know where you have been
Just please before we all die with this guilt on our chest
Re-Think what could be for the best

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20 mins. Of Thoughts, Those of you who wonder what go's on in my head read this

*I wrote this on that Dr. Wicked thing I was gonna write a poem, then I started thinking...

The lamb quiet
staring straight
waitning to be taken
Hiding from all those who appear evil
though they are not all becoming the monsters desribed
Some are immune to the disease known as evil
The ones who did not get their unkind shots
and their moody vaccinations
These are the kids who plague they seem to plague all
all while they fall
Fall from atop their mighty podiums
The stadiums they all watch in awe as the lion
rips us to shreds we fight and we bite but there is no escape
and then we are gone
our memories simply a thing of the past
Where do we go when we die?
I mean I get the heaven thing but technically we cannot ask anyone dead cause well they're dead,
unless your that guy from pushing daisies but ya know one can do that
I just kinda want the mystery to be reavealed
if you go to heaven
do your memories follow?
Will you still remember who you loved?
Love thats another wierd word kind of like death in a way they are both unknown by lots of people people also fear love like death I think people are afraid of confrontation I am afraid of confrontation Whats the point of talking thins out I mean I get It helps in the end but is just kind of scary to tell somebody about your feelings
feelings you feel for others ones we have loved
I know I feel
simply because im alive and real
Im tired of people telling me how i should be
isnt it just easier just to be me
Cause you can pull apart the clothes and take off the make up
That makes you But in the end your always made up
It is kinda of a wierd thing Love i mean
I think I felt it once but in the end it felt more like a gunshot wound to the chest
Its like a huggee test
When you get an A you feel the best
When you fail you feel like the rest
Its pain and agony
Pity and angst
ya thats what love is
Its kind of like milk
It is great for a while
But after a couple of weeks it gets sour
and if you keep trying to drink it
It'll kill you
Noow im not saying this is love for mee
but the common teenager may feel this way towards someone and then feel totally opposite one day I think We are bi-polar when it comes to these things
I know when I say I love Someone I mean it And I cant stop loving someone after a day I mean im not a super human
Im a teenager for Chrissake
What do you expect
You know what gets on my nerves
Never ever tell someone they have never loved
who are you to tell them how they should feel
YOu cannot know what they have experienced with whom
I mean dont get me wrong some are confused on what they have felt but some are not positive
and that brings me back to me y general
point life and death

Sunday, April 19, 2009


There is something I feel
I feel the walls of my heart peel
Everyday I dont see you
Is another day I need you
In the pit of my gut
Down in this rut
I miss you

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Put on your hat
Strap on your tie
Get in your car
Be ready to die

There's no going back
Once we find what you lack
You'll give us no flak
We'll be sure of that

It seems to us, cause we are the we
There is no other place for you to be
You are our Stimulus, the package we seek
There's no way out, once we hear of a leak

So we'll shave your head
get ready to go
Because in the end you are our show