Friday, May 1, 2009


Lets stop, drop, remember better times
Put down these pens creating evil rhymes
Talk about these feelings share them with all
Because if we don't it just makes us small
Please know what you do
Realize the consequence that will ensue
Don't ask me to choose, cause you know I just can't
Slowly our happiness resides at a slant
Before we accuse the unknowing of harsh acts
Know this before you all turn your backs
Your behavior has affected the problem by only keeping it in
For all, I know where you have been
Just please before we all die with this guilt on our chest
Re-Think what could be for the best


  1. Wow Matty:) that was really touching. It really did make me re think my life. : ) ily !

  2. omg!
    you are amazing!
    matty...your too tight hehe!
    im good..btw!
    and thanks for the comment!